Department of Business Administration

National Conference on Emerging Trends in Banking Technology on 18/03/2014

Today's business world requires educating individuals who are equipped with a strong knowledge of specific business areas and at the same time have an understanding of how these specializations collectively contribute to the overall functioning of organizations. In our degree program, the Department of Business Administration strives to develop graduates who integrate the fundamental elements of business with their specialized functional knowledge that allows our students to make an immediate contribution in their chosen career paths. The Bachelor of Business Administration Programme (BBA) is designed to integrate current management theory and practice. The three year

Programme is designed to provide management graduates with inputs in the all functional areas of management and accounting. The strong and integrative courses give students a lasting perspective and a capability to innovate and learn. The courses expose the students to both domestic as well as national and international issues. The teaching methods inculcate an incisive and methodical approach to decision-making, and at the same time nourish the creative and innovative flair of the students in various streams. The various teaching methodologies adopted include :-

The BBA Program seeks to increase participants' capacity for effective action as leaders. From the beginning of their BBA studies, NSS College Rajakumari's students find new ways to integrate their academic education with the practice of business leadership.

Our Faculty

ORBIT (Organization for Research in Business and Information Technology)

Students being the future of the nation, students' organization plays a vital role in creating an Individual, and enhancing the upliftement and progress of his country. ORBIT represents the interests of all Business Administration students of NSS College Rajakumari, by providing support through activities, services and networking opportunities. Since its establishment, ORBIT has been striving to become a caring and professional student-run association that is able to unite its members with perfectionism. Through our social and professional development programs such as industry seminars, skill building sessions, industry working experience, networking events and social activities we try to enrich our students life.

The main prospects of ORBIT are cited below:

To Promote the managerial ability of BBA Students by Organising various programmes like discussions, debates, workshops, talks, quiz programme, study tours etc.
To develop the Organising ability of student by giving them chances to Organise.
To provide chances to personality development, entrepreneurial development, etc.
To collect the latest information regarding Business Administration.
Collection of useful books and journals.
Collect information and publish it by means of magazines.
All other activities which is capable of increasing the ability and efficiency of students.

ORBIT helps students bridge the gap between classroom theory and the actual business environment and supports the educational advancement and professional development of BBA students to create tomorrow's leaders.